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20 Unique Ways To Keep Your Office Clean And Office Organization

Office Organization

How much time are you currently wasting trying to find some important documents on your desk? If your desk is a mess, you are probably wasting way too much of your time trying to find different things. If you were to get organized, you could easily find what you need and get back to your work with no problem.

Office cubicles Follow the 20 tips below to see a major difference for Office Organization

1. Remove any items from the office that you are no longer using.
Newspapers from weeks ago, broken pens and damaged folders may no longer be needed. Throw these items in the trash.

2. Pick a spot for different items, such as folders, staplers, tape and other important accessories.
Make sure to put those items in those spots so they are not all over the place.

3. Use different sections of the room for different things.
For example, leave your desk in one spot and your filing cabinet in another spot. Put folders that you have all over the desk inside of the filing cabinet.

4. Use labels for everything.
You can easily use colorful duct tape and a sharpie to make labels quickly. Choose bright colors to make it easier to read what you have written on the labels.

5. Put your most important office supplies on your desk, such as pens, a stapler, tape and some paper.

6. Consider keeping a copy of document online instead of storing them away in a paper file.
Not only is it better for the environment, but it is also good when you want to get rid of the clutter.

7. Keep a bright red folder for any of your urgent documents.
It may help you remember to check the folder each day for anything you need to work on.

8. Make a separate folder for work that you cannot complete until someone else takes a look at it or adds something to it.

9. Wipe down your desk before adding supplies back to it.
Get rid of all that dust so that your office space is clean and the air quality is a lot better.

10. Use little containers for some of your small supplies, such as rubber bands and paperclips.
Use a tray to keep your paper in one spot.

11. Place labels on your drawers too.
Instead of sorting through them to find what you need, you will know what is inside of them before you open them, which saves a lot of time.

12. If you have multiple clients, keep their information in separate folders.

13. Sort through any piles you have.
Get rid of anything you do not need and then place the rest of the stuff in designated folders.

14. Read through your mail when you receive it instead of sitting it off to the side and contributing to the clutter.

15. Write dates on documents that you can get rid of in the near future.

16. Place documents that must be saved for future reference in storage boxes that can easily be organized.

17. Place magazines into a folder and label it so you know exactly what is in there.
Only add ones that you actually think you are going to read soon.

18. Create a section in your office for archived work so that it is not lying around your office space.

19. Try straightening things out each day before you leave work.
It makes the cleaning process easier. It only takes about five minutes to straighten up the desk by putting the stuff you were using away.

20. Go through as much paperwork on your desk as you can each week and make sure that you have done everything that needs to get done.

It may not be possible for you to follow all 20 tips, but you can start to make some progress each day for office organization. Once your office is clean, it may be a lot easier for you to get your work done.

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