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How A More Modern Office Work Spaces Could Boost Productivity

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What does the ideal office look like? Is it one that has too many identical cubicles that are filled with unsatisfied employees hammering hard on their keyboards? Or is it one that has a creative space that provides room for movement, lots of natural lighting and comfortable work desks and chairs? The truth is that the second option definitely sounds much better. The great thing is that most modern work spaces today are becoming more aware of this and are shifting to office designs that make both the workers and employers feel great going to work every day.

Office cubicles Office Work Spaces of the Future

So what does the office of the future really look like? One thing that certain is that today’s modern office is being built with the employee in mind. Before, the CEO, copywriters, and graphic designers all shared the same traditional work spaces setup: a computer, a chair and a desk with the CEO’s desk, chair and computer being much bigger, better and faster of course. However, things are fast shifting and today’s modern office work spaces is quite different. Now, the copywriter’s work spaces looks completely different from that of the designer or that of the CEO, given that they all do different things and serve varying task.

Today’s modern office spaces are also being built for better collaboration. Stiff conference rooms and tiny cubicles never really offer much motivation. Or do they? While great collaboration might take place at a conference room, it also may happen while workers are sitting around on bar stools or in easy chairs; and that is why office designers today are getting inspired to create unique office work spaces.

Today’s modern office work spaces are embracing a more balanced environment by interlacing private work spaces with open shared ones in a creative way. You can expect to see a mix of both informal work spaces that are designed for more comfort with formal collaboration areas with versatile furniture and open seating. The great thing is that whilst the shift is more to an informal setup, privacy is something that has not been thrown out the window. Offices that were once made of very impersonal cubicles are today featuring more movable walls that allow users to add a layer of privacy, and glass doors that can be shut for more privacy while allowing for more natural light to stream into the space.

Office cubicles Modern Office Work Spaces Impact Employee’s Health

Office designers recognize the importance of being closer (physically) to those we work with on a daily basis and the modern office work spaces reflects this quite well. With this, workers are positioned much closer to the space and equipment they need to use most of the time. At the same time, it makes sense for employees whose tasks require them to collaborate often to have easy access to others within the office work spaces, right?

The modern office work spaces positively impacts employee’s health in a couple of ways too. It is common sense that feeling well will directly affect how productive one is. When the employees feel great about their work place, it becomes easier for them to find greater fulfillment with what they do and this will show in the quality of the results they give forth as they strive to produce results.

Ergonomic spaces and furniture will lead to more comfortable workers and will cut down on the physical strain they might experience from sitting on rigid seats behind gawky desks all day long.

Embracing modern office designs, setups and practices does make good business sense. Workers will show up more often and will be happier. As a result, there will be fewer sick days and offs as compared to employees who feel unfulfilled and are unhappy with where they work. This in turn will save any company tons of money and will lead to increased output and better results in the long run.

A more modern work spaces nurtures a more supportive environment. When the employees have the power to choose which space they will use and how they will use it, it gives them a sense of belonging and independence and will push them to want to do more and to give more to ensure that the company becomes successful.

We are hopeful and excited about this new drive towards a more employee-friendly work spaces and cannot wait to see the new design trends the modern office work spaces will embrace in the future.

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