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Office Chair: Ten Tips To Help You Improve Your Ergonomics And Posture (Part 2)

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Office cubicles 6. Use exercise to promote good posture and prevent injury.

Regular exercise like bicycling, swimming or walking helps the body stay in good aerobic condition, while certain strength exercise can help the muscles that surround your back remain strong. The benefits from exercise will help to promote good posture, and in turn help to further condition your muscles, which helps to prevent injuries from taking place.

In addition, there are certain exercises you can do that can help you maintain good posture. Specifically, a balance of back muscle and core muscle strength is vital to help with maintaining good posture and supporting the upper body.

Office cubicles 7. While standing, wear supportive footwear.

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on a regular basis. This can affect the center of gravity of your body and cause compensatory alignment of your whole body, which can negatively affect your posture and back support.

When standing for a long time, you can improve your comfort level by putting a rub mat on top of the floor, wearing supportive orthotics in your shoes, or propping one of your legs up onto a foot rest.

Office cubicles 8. When in motion, maintain good ergonomics and posture.

Walking, typing, holding a phone or lifting heavy objects are all types of activities in motion that require you to pay attention to posture and ergonomics. Maintaining good posture while you are moving is very important in order to avoid injuries. For example, walking tall with your shoulders back.

Back injuries can commonly occur when lifting or twisting. It frequently occurs due to awkward control and movement of just upper body weight.

Office cubicles 9. Create ergonomic work spaces and physical environments, like sitting in your office chair while at the computer.

You do need to invest some of your time into personalizing your car, home and work space. However, it can definitely pay off and be worth your time. If your computer screen, keyboard, desk and office chair is not positioned correctly, undue strain can be placed on your spine’s structures.

It is less time consuming and easier to correct ergonomics from your daily life and minimize neck and back pain than it is to have to undergo corrective therapies and visit the doctor due to debilitating pain symptoms that have developed.

Office cubicles 10. Avoid overprotecting posture.

Keep in mind that maintaining a posture that is relaxed overall is very important. Avoid using restricting movement like adopting a stiff, unnatural posture or clenching muscles. For people who have some neck or back pain already, they can tend to limit movements in order to avoid increased pain from being provoked.

However, unless you have a fracture or other kind of serious condition, your spine’s structures have been designed for movement. Therefore, limiting motion over long periods of time can create more pain and lead to a downward cycle of more pain and less motion.

The changes suggested above are fairly easy to put into play and can really pay off by providing you with less stiffness and pain as well as a healthier spine over the long term.

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