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Office Furniture Ergonomics For Employees And Their Employers

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It is incredibly important to have employee safety in the workplace. It is also important to ensure that all employees are comfortable and satisfied while at work. It does not matter whether work is done in an office or a factory, the safer and more comfortable the work environment is, the less there is a chance for strains, accidents or injuries.

Office Furniture Ergonomics is the key to ensure your workplace is safe and comfortable. It is the science of getting a workplace into optimal condition for employees to be safe, comfortable and productive. It helps to look at ergonomics and how it relates to your office, so you can make sure there are no undue hazards that could cause your employees to become injured or ill when working.

Here is an overview of the basic principles of ergonomics for workplaces. These suggestions will help both employers and employees get through each work day with less discomfort and strain.

Office cubicles Office Furniture Ergonomic Tips

1. Workers who have to sit or stand in the same place for most of the day must understand how important it is to get up and walk or get moving at various times each day. Try using different postures when working to keep muscles from straining or becoming atrophied.

2. Lift heavy items properly. Teach employees to bend at the knees when lifting heavy boxes to keep from straining the low back. Wear a back brace if necessary.

3. Take it easy on your joints. Keep them in a neutral position and make sure your range of motion is adequate. Do not stress them too often and move to different positions frequently.

4. When work is done at a desk, make sure it is the right height for each employee. It should be easy to reach for items with no strain.

5. Employees should not slouch at work. Keep the back straight and the neck relaxed. Feet should touch the floor when seated.

6. Computer monitors should be positioned at the right distance and height to avoid eye strain. They should also be set up so employees can reach them, type on them and use them without straining.

7. When using the telephone, employees should always wear a headset. It puts virtually no stress on a worker’s arms or neck. Never let them crunch the handset between the neck and shoulder. That makes muscles tense and can lead to an injury when done repeatedly.

9. Be sure to get up from a desk once every half hour. Take a short walk around the office and stretch your muscles and your legs. Sitting for prolonged periods is a health hazard and thrombosis due to this is a real threat.

10. Those who have to type constantly should be made to keep their wrists relaxed and straight. Use a mouse that is ergonomically designed for hands and wrists. Employers should expend some money on these items and not purchase the cheapest available. Inferior products could contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.

11. All employees should take a full lunch break. Employers should support this and employees should take advantage of this by going out to eat, to shop, to take a walk or just eat in the break room. Do not eat at your desk, employees. Get out and take a real break.

Both employees and employers should follow the above office furniture ergonomic tips. If you both do, everyone is more certain to avoid stress, strain, injury and discomfort in the workplace. There will be a lot more productivity, too.

Taking precautions now is sure to protect you in the future. If you are an employer and you want to know if your workplace is ergonomically sound, contact a professional for an evaluation. Suggestions can be given for improving your particular workplace or for supporting workers who have specific needs.

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