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When Should You Buy New Office Furniture?

new office furniture

Sooner or later, every business owner has to ask himself or herself, “is it time to purchase new office furniture?”

The business might be moving into a new building or maybe you want to encourage additional collaboration among your employees by using an open office plan or perhaps the old office furniture is literally on its last legs, and it is time for something new.

Fortunately, there are several options available to you. Your old furniture can be re-purposed and refurbished, and you can add used and new furniture into the overall mix. In order to help you with making a decision, we will be weighing in on what the benefits are of repurposing your current furniture versus buying new furniture.

Office cubicles Benefits Of Purchasing New Office Furniture

It provides you with a great opportunity to give a dated office a fresh look. If you started your business during the 1970s when burnt sienna and avocado were popular, and you are getting complaints from your employees that they are getting splinters from their desks, then you know it’s time to update things. New office furniture is also easier to reconfigure and install as your office continues to change or grow. It is also a lot more technology friendly, coming with additional features such as charging stations and built-in cabling. Contemporary and new furniture shows clients and customers that you’re forward thinking and keep up to date.

It also shows your customers that you aren’t going anywhere. Purchasing new furniture is definitely a substantial investment. Making a big investment really reassures new clients and provides them with added confidence in your business and plans for the future.

New office furniture is more ergonomically friendly. Over the years, the modest office chair really has come quite a long way. From a back-breaking, squeaky-wheeled object to a perfect-arm-resting and lumbar-supporting productivity seat, it is a way to show that you really care about your employee’s long-term health when you invest in ergonomically friendly seating that won’t give them a sore neck or back.

It comes with a warranty. If an armrest breaks off a chair or leg falls off of one of your tables, chances are you will be the one who needs to fix it. When you buy new office furniture you can capitalize on the warranty. You will be able to call the manufacturer to have any broken pieces or parts repaired, which gives you more time for dealing with other problems- such as dealing with complaints about how cold the office is.

It is tax deductible. The cost of office supplies and furniture for small businesses is tax deductible. You can either depreciate these expenses or deduct up to a specific amount in the first year.

Office cubicles Repurposing Old Office Furniture Benefits

It saves money. Of course the most obvious reason there is for sticking with your old office furniture is that it saves money. Investing in new workstations, even ones without many frills, can still run you between $1,000-$5,000 for each station. If you need a lot of storage and space, they could cost over $10,000 per station. So a company that only has 100 employees might easily end up spending over $100,000 just on new office furniture.

It is environmentally friendly. The word “sustainable” these days is like a magic word for businesses as well as the Earth. According to the EPA, approximately 3 million tons worth of office furniture goes into landfills every year. When you repurpose your office furniture, it proves that your company really has a commitment to decreasing your carbon footprint and reducing waste since you aren’t using energy or raw materials that are needed for producing new furniture.

It is healthier. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is used in the manufacturing of most furniture. These are released into the air in gas form over the furniture’s lifetime. Also, the newer the furniture is, the higher levels of VOCs there are. The EPA states that being exposed to VOC can result in throat, nose and eye irritation; nausea; loss of coordination; and damage to your central nervous system, kidney and liver.

You can get LEED points. Repurposing furniture can get you points if you happen to be working towards LEED certification in the categories of recycled content, resource and materials reuse and waste management. Also, you can receive credit towards improved environmental qualities when you use pieces with lowered VOC emissions.

You can freshen it up. If you have tired looking old office furniture, you don’t necessary have to completely give up on it. You can repair tilting tables and squeaky chair, sand and refinish wooden pieces and reupholster couches and chairs. Office furniture is built to last. Make sure that you get everything that you can from it and then some.

Office cubicles Office Furniture for Every Budget & Need

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