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When Sitting Is A Pain In The Butt: What’s An Office Worker To Do? | Office Furniture

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Many people have jobs which require them to sit all day long and that can lead to various aches and pains. It’s also recently been shown to possibly take years off your life, particularly if you’re sitting on hard and uncomfortable furniture. What should you do? Here are three ways to solve the problems associated with sitting for too long.

Office cubicles Get Up And Stretch Every Hour

No matter how busy you are, it’s very important to rise from your seat and walk around a little every so often. Even if you’ve got a crazy boss or chaotic schedule: Your long-term health is more important! Memorize a few basic yoga poses and do them somewhere in private. Simply stretching down to reach your toes will do, at the very least, but make sure you’re getting up and exercising your right to better health.

Office cubicles Maintain Decent Posture

Most people tend to slouch, with few realizing how bad it is on the spine. Leave yourself a note on the desk, reminding you to sit up straighter if needed. Your knees should be bent and feet flat on the floor — not crossed or folded under you.

Office cubicles Office Furniture for Every Budget & Need

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