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How Too Much Sitting Is Impacting Your Life Negatively | Sitting Position on Office Chair

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Today, the average American is spending more time sited on office chair than ever before. A vast majority of the population today’s work in offices sited behind desks eyes glued on computer screens and rarely take a break let along getting engaged in physical activities. Sadly, even when we leave our offices we return to a sitting position on our couches or at our dinner tables at home.

Office cubicles We Spend 9.3 Hours Every Day on the Chair

On average, we spend 9.3 hours every day sited down. Critically looking at the time we spend on our sits, the sum total is far greater than that we spend doing other activities, including sleeping. Health specialists have, for a long time now, attributed the lack of physical activity to the ever worsening rise of different health problems like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. And now, some of them are going as far as saying that the sitting epidemic our generation has become accustomed to is fast becoming a serious problem and equate it to what cigarette smoking were 10 or 20 years ago.

Doctors are now reaching a common consensus that we should spend lesser time sitting and more time moving around and being more active physically. In these recent years, innovations like the standing desks have been gaining lots of popularity, and it is for a good reason. Statistics show that an hour of sitting down negatively impacts how our bodies produce fat-burning enzymes, lowering this production rate by up to 90%. As such, sitting for prolonged periods of time will slow the rate of metabolism, consequently lowering the levels of good cholesterol in our body.

Office cubicles Exercise Breeds More Exercise. Sitting Tends to Breed More Sitting.

At the same time, doctors and health specialists are now all agreeing that more time spent sitting down actually impacts the benefits of exercising negatively. Here is why. Once you have exercised or worked out, your body starts to burn off excess fats and starts building the muscles. When we have exercised our muscles burn more calories even while we are resting as our body cells tend to become more active as they try to support the increased levels of physical activity.

When you are not exercising, the exact opposite takes place. Your body cells fall into the habit of acting in a manner that supports a sedentary lifestyle; making it harder to get off the couch and to become more active. Basically, exercising breeds more physical activity while sitting will tend to breed more inactivity.

So, what are you advised to do in our highly technological world? Well, we cannot simply get up and leave our work places or just refuse to attend that boardroom meeting your boss is calling you to. However, you can always make small changes that will dramatically impact your life and health. It is just a matter of obeying a very simple law of physics, any object that is in motion will tend to stay in motion.

Office cubicles Change Your Office Chair

If you are feeling determined and work in an environment where certain changes would not be considered inappropriate, you should consider swapping your office chair for an exercise ball or substituting your desk with a standing desk. If that is an overambitious change, then consider getting on your feet every chance you get. For instance, get up on your feet each time the phone rings and answer all calls while standing. You also could set your alarm to alert you every hour for a 3 to 5 minute walk to your office’s water cooler.

If your lunch break takes more than an hour, consider spending the first 30 minutes walking up and down your office’s flight of stairs or around your office park before eating a light sandwich you carried from home rather than spending the whole hour running out to pick something up.

According to doctors and health specialists, the only way you can save yourself from this pandemic is changing what has, for some time now, been considered normality. Today’s young adults and teens are smoking lesser cigarettes than before. As such, if we all work at shifting this sitting paradigm, then in a couple of years to come, there will be lesser sitting and more moving.

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