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Design Management

Office Cubicles   Innovations to creative work place

Fursys perceives the office as a place for living, not just as a place for working. Not only does such a concept improve productivity, but employees feel happier due to their environment. Fursys furniture designs are part of an extensive effort to redefine the office as a pleasant and comfortable place to be. Fursys will continue to focus its R&D efforts on bringing more comfortable, efficient and aesthetic designs from theory into reality.

One of our slogan, “A Living Office: Fursys” is also a promise to customers that Fursys will always be committed to the guest of better office environment.


Office Cubicles   Design First Management & System

Office Cubicles


Office Cubicles   Result of Design First Management

As result of design – first product development, Fursys has achieved a lot of good design authentication, good-selling product and other design-related awards from domestic and international design-related organizations and press. And also Fursys received the Prime Minister award in 2001, which authorized the company’s design-first management.


Office Cubicles   Unique Design

Our own Industrial Property Rights protect design features, mechanisms and product brands by Fursys.


Until 2001, a total of 331 Fursys’ own Industrial Property Rights were applied. 301 are authenticated and the remaining 30 are in the middle of its authentication process. All of these Industrial Property Rights are applied to all Fursys new products for Fursys’ Design Oriented Marketing.


Fursys’ product competitiveness with its unique design products, all Fursys products are exported to more than 40 countries as Fursys’ own brand.

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